Plastisol Inks

PF-BR Series Bleed Resistant Plastisol Ink, Phthalate Free is our most popular ink. It works great for both standard and dark, bleed prone textiles. It leaves a very high opaque, soft-hand finish. Virtually every color in stock, and we can match them for you too!

PF-ATH Series Ink is our most popular ink when it comes to printing on dark-colored or bleed-prone textiles. This ink is perfect for Cotton, 50/50 cotton/polyester blends, and some synthetics. The most common use for this is printing on nylon and other high bleed fabrics.

PF-GP Series Ink are the darker color inks that are not bleed prone. The General Purpose Series colors are blacks, browns, and grays. We can get them in any color, but we have our very popular PF-BR Series for our colors, and these colors are only available in the General Purpose Series.

Bleed resistant plastisol ink, high opacity plastisol ink, solvent inks, athletic ink, general purpose plastisol inks, fluorescent Inks, four color process ink, water based inks, uv curable inks are varieties of our popular plastisol ink line.

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