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Screen Remeshing

Screen Re-Mesh and Screen prep services

Re-Meshing, Re-Stretching, or whatever you want to call it!! We re-mesh almost any size screen with any mesh count you desire. Our quick turns and low prices will keep you coming back!!!

FRAME SIZES – 8×10, 10×14, 12×16, 14×30, 18×20, 18×36, 20×24, 21×21, 21×27, 23×31, 24×24, 25×36, 30×30, 30×40, 36×36, 36×48, 40×54, 48×72

MESH SIZES – 60, 86, 110, 135, 160, 200, 230, 305

Whether you are using a wood frame or an aluminium frame, we can re-mesh your frame efficiently. Our silk screen frame re-meshing services include a wide array of mesh count and frame size. This enables us to serve you according to your requirements. The meshes are available in two different colours: yellow and white. Yellow mesh blocks light conductivity through the threads and is hence preferred for mesh with counts higher than 155. Though white mesh is not as good as yellow mesh for higher counts, they work well with lower counts. Both yellow and white meshes are available in a variety of sizes from us.


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